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Profit Sharing Model

Profit Sharing Model

Profit Sharing

Explore the innovative TechTenStein Profit Sharing Model, where we collaborate with clients to build and run websites or applications at minimal upfront costs. This unique approach allows clients to share in the success of their digital ventures while minimizing financial risks.

How it Works

At TechTenStein, we believe in fostering true partnerships. In our Profit Sharing Model, we undertake the development of websites or applications with minimal upfront costs to the client. Once operational, we jointly run the project, and the profit generated is shared in a transparent and mutually beneficial manner. The profit-sharing ratio stands at 60% for the client and 40% for TechTenStein.

Key Features

  1. Cost-Effective Development:

    • TechTenStein covers the majority of the development costs, ensuring a cost-effective solution for our clients.
  2. Profit Sharing:

    • Clients enjoy a substantial 60% share of the profit generated by the website or application, providing a significant return on their investment.
  3. Shared Operational Responsibility:

    • We jointly manage and operate the website or application, combining our technical expertise with the client’s business vision.

Terms and Conditions:

To ensure a fair and secure collaboration, we outline the following terms and conditions:

  1. Development Cost Coverage:

    • TechTenStein will cover the upfront development costs, and the client is not required to make any additional payments during the initial development phase.
  2. Profit Sharing Ratio:

    • The profit generated from the website or application will be shared at a fixed ratio of 60% to the client and 40% to TechTenStein.
  3. Operational Expenses:

    • Clients are responsible for all operational expenses, including but not limited to marketing costs, Google Ads, and other promotional activities.
  4. Joint Decision-Making:

    • Both parties will collaborate on major operational decisions, ensuring alignment with the project’s goals and objectives.
  5. Performance Metrics and Reporting:

    • Regular performance reports will be shared, highlighting key metrics and financial data to maintain transparency and facilitate informed decision-making.
  6. Project Duration:

    • The Profit Sharing Model operates on a mutually agreed-upon time frame, and any adjustments to the profit-sharing ratio will be negotiated based on performance and market conditions.
  7. Dispute Resolution:

    • A dispute resolution mechanism will be in place to address any disagreements, prioritizing an amicable and fair resolution.

TechTenStein’s Profit Sharing Model is designed to empower clients to enter the digital landscape with minimal financial risk, aligning our success with theirs. This collaborative approach ensures a win-win scenario for both parties, fostering long-term partnerships. For more details or to discuss your project, feel free to reach out to our team.

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